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Watercolour of Liver Building by Mark Grant
Ormskirk Watercolour Artwork, Market including Ormskirk Clock by Mark Grant

Mark Grant's Artistic Journey


Step into the captivating world of watercolours guided by the skilled hand of Mark Grant, a seasoned watercolourist nestled in Ormskirk, West Lancs, UK. With a passion that finds its expression through vibrant landscapes and urban vignettes, Mark's journey invites you to experience the allure of watercolour artistry.


Excellence with Premium Materials:
Mark's unwavering pursuit of perfection is echoed in his selection of premium materials. By embracing the finesse of Escoda brushes, celebrated for their precision, and artist-grade watercolours that breathe vitality into each piece, Mark crafts a symphony of colours on 100% cotton paper expressing textures that resonates with emotion.


A Multitude of Subjects, Tailored Creations:
Within Mark's expansive portfolio, an array of subjects and styles finds life. From captivating landscapes that evoke wanderlust to dynamic urban sketches capturing the heartbeat of Liverpool and Ormskirk, each watercolour mark unfolds a unique narrative. Whether it's a cherished memory or a beloved location, Mark's commissioned artworks — including "watercolour from photograph" and "painting on location" options — skillfully interpret your vision.


Mindful Art for Inspired Living:
Within painting, Mark finds solace in mindful art, where each brushstroke becomes a meditative journey. This mindful approach not only infuses his creations with authenticity but also offers him tranquility and a connection to his inner self.


Active in the Art Community:
As an engaged member of the Downtown Urban Sketchers, Mark finds inspiration and camaraderie amidst Liverpool City Centre's artistic vibrancy. This association kindles his creativity, opening pathways to fresh perspectives within the realm of urban sketching.


Embrace the Captivating Watercolour Experience:
For aficionados of watercolours, seekers of bespoke commissions, and individuals drawn to artistic expression around Ormskirk and Liverpool, Mark's watercolour mark beckons. Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of watercolour, where emotions and stories converge, bearing the distinctive imprint of artistic expression.


Recognized Within Exhibitions:
Mark's dedication to his craft has been celebrated through recognition in esteemed exhibitions, in the culturally rich landscapes of Liverpool and Ormskirk. These vibrant locales have witnessed his creations, captivating art enthusiasts and collectors alike with the depth of his expression.


Recent Exhibitions in Liverpool and Ormskirk:

The Amorous Cat, Lark Lane
Guest artist in exhibition curated by artist Cleidie Ellis
14th June - 2nd July, 2023


The Amorous Cat, Lark Lane
Guest artist in exhibition curated by artist Jane Maxfield 

27th July - 20th August, 2023


The Amorous Cat, Lark Lane
Guest artist in exhibition curated by artist Cleidie Ellis
22nd August - 27th August, 2023


Ormskirk Library 
A self curated exhibition by Mark Grant
1st September - 30th September, 2023


Elevate your artistic journey with Mark Grant Watercolour Art. Contact Mark today to embark on bespoke watercolour creations, capturing cherished memories and experiences, or to witness the captivating charm of watercolour masterpieces.

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