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A Journey Through Watercolour Commission in Ormskirk


As a watercolour artist, based in Ormskirk, there is nothing more gratifying than bringing a client's vision to life through a commissioned artwork locally. Whether it's a cherished memory, a special occasion, or a suggested theme, undertaking watercolour commissions allows me to delve into the heart of the subject and infuse it with vibrant colours and emotions. In this blog post, I'll walk you through the process of how I create bespoke watercolour masterpieces from client's photo references or suggested themes, ranging from A5, A4, to A3 size.


Step 1: Understanding the Vision
The journey begins with open communication between myself and the client. We discuss their preferences, the intended purpose of the artwork, and any specific elements they wish to be included. Whether it's a beloved landscape, a cherished moment, or a unique theme, understanding the client's vision is crucial in ensuring a meaningful and personalized piece.


Step 2: Selecting the Perfect Reference
Once the vision is clear, I work with the client to choose the ideal photo reference or reference material that aligns with their concept. If they have a specific photograph in mind, we carefully assess its composition, lighting, and emotional impact. Alternatively, if they propose a theme, we explore relevant imagery and inspiration to ensure the artwork reflects their vision accurately.


Step 3: Sketching the Concept
With the reference in hand, I begin sketching the concept for the watercolour artwork. This initial sketch serves as a blueprint, outlining the composition, focal points, and overall mood of the piece. It allows the client to visualize the direction of the artwork before proceeding to the final painting stage.


Step 4: Material Selection and Sizing
Once the concept is approved, I carefully select the appropriate materials for the commission. For A5, A4, or A3 size artworks, I use high-quality 300g cotton paper, which provides a sturdy surface for the watercolour pigments to shine. Additionally, I choose a range of artist-grade watercolour paints that perfectly complement the subject and evoke the desired emotions.


Step 5: Bringing Life to the Painting
The magic happens when I start to paint. Using a combination of washes, wet-on-wet, and fine detailing techniques, I gradually bring the artwork to life. Each brushstroke is infused with care and creativity, capturing the essence and emotion of the subject. Throughout the process, I stay in touch with the client, sharing progress updates to ensure the artwork aligns with their vision.


Step 6: Adding Personal Touches
To make the commission truly unique, I incorporate personalized elements suggested by the client. Whether it's a specific color palette, a meaningful symbol, or a hidden detail, these touches add an extra layer of sentiment to the artwork.


Step 7: The Final Reveal
As the artwork nears completion, I carefully review every aspect to ensure it meets both my artistic standards and the client's expectations. Once I am satisfied with the result, I present the finished watercolour masterpiece to the client for their approval and delight.


Step 8: Delivery and Celebrating Art
With the client's approval, the commissioned artwork is professionally packaged and delivered to its new home. It's a moment of joy, celebrating the successful transformation of a vision into a tangible piece of art that holds personal significance for the client.


Watercolour commission art is a rewarding journey that allows me, as an artist, to connect deeply with my clients and create meaningful and cherished masterpieces. Through careful communication, meticulous execution, and personal touches, each artwork becomes a unique reflection of the client's vision and an embodiment of the beauty of watercolour painting.


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