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The Art of Learning: Why I'm Not a Fan of Workshops


As an avid watercolor artist and urban sketcher, I've always believed that the journey of creativity is a deeply personal one. It's about exploring your unique style, honing your skills, and finding your own voice in the world of art. Recently, I've set up my YouTube channel to share my insights and experiences, which has prompted me to reflect on my stance regarding art workshops. In this blog post, I'd like to share my updated perspective on why I'm not a big fan of art workshops.


1. Artistic Authenticity: For me, art is a form of self-expression, a way to translate my thoughts and emotions onto paper. When I attend a workshop, there's often a sense of conformity, a pressure to replicate the instructor's style or follow a particular technique. This can stifle the individuality that makes art truly unique. I'd rather embrace the imperfections and quirks that define my personal style.


2. Limitation of Creativity: Workshops can inadvertently restrict creativity by providing a structured environment. While structure can be beneficial for beginners, it can sometimes hinder the exploration of new ideas and unconventional approaches. I've always valued the freedom to experiment and innovate, which may not always align with the workshop curriculum.


3. Costly Motivation: Many workshops come with a significant price tag. While they can provide motivation to paint, I've found that the cost can sometimes outweigh the benefits. There are more affordable ways to stay motivated, such as setting personal challenges, participating in online art communities, or simply dedicating time to daily practice.


4. Daily Practice vs. Formal Education: It's worth noting that many great artists achieved their mastery through daily practice rather than formal education. They don't often attribute their success to workshops or degrees in art. Instead, they emphasize the importance of consistent dedication to their craft. Many renowned artists are even dropouts from formal art schools, highlighting that artistic excellence isn't always tied to a traditional education.


In conclusion, I'm not against workshops per se, as they can be beneficial for beginners and artists seeking specific skills or techniques. However, for those of us who thrive on creative autonomy and individuality, it's essential to strike a balance between structured learning and personal exploration. Ultimately, the path to becoming a better artist is a personal one, and it's essential to choose the methods that resonate most with your artistic journey.


As I continue to share my insights and experiences in the world of watercolor and urban sketching through my blog and YouTube channel, I'll be exploring alternative ways to nurture artistic growth and encourage others to find their unique artistic voices.

Stay tuned for more updates and discussions on art, watercolor, and urban sketching right here on and on my YouTube channel!


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