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Ormskirk Library Watercolour art exhibition

Explore Ormskirk's Charm:
Watercolour Art Exhibition by Mark Grant


Mark Grant, the renowned watercolour artist from Ormskirk, welcomes you to his captivating art exhibition hosted at Ormskirk Library throughout September 2023. Featuring a splendid collection of 30 original watercolour paintings showcasing the picturesque beauty of Ormskirk, this exhibition is a true celebration of local artistry of this historic market town.


Each artwork is thoughtfully priced between £25 and £40, making them accessible to all art enthusiasts. Mark's commitment to making art affordable reflects his desire to share the essence of Ormskirk's historic market town with as many people as possible.

Explore the stunning selection of paintings available for both admiration and purchase:



Moor Street, North, Watercolour Painting - £35

Ormskirk Market, East, Watercolour Painting - £35

Ormskirk Church, Front, Watercolour Painting - £35

Ormskirk Church, West, Watercolour Painting - £35

Winter Field, Watercolour Painting - £35

Ormskirk Market, North, Watercolour Painting - £35

Railway Road, Watercolour Painting - £35

Ruff Wood, Watercolour Painting - £35

House Plant, Watercolour Painting - £35

Ormskirk Church, Derby, Watercolour Painting - £40

Church Fields, Watercolour Painting - £40

Coronation Park, Pond, Watercolour Painting - £40

Ormskirk Church, Entry, Watercolour Painting - £40

Ember Sky, Watercolour Painting - £40

Ormskirk Clock, North, Watercolour Painting - £40

Ormskirk Clock, South, Watercolour Painting - £40

Coronation Park, Park Pool, Watercolour Painting - £40

Ship Inn, Watercolour Painting - £40

Burscough Street, Watercolour Painting - £25

The Old Post Office, Watercolour Painting - £25

Love To Eat, Watercolour Painting - £25

Emmanuel Church, Watercolour Painting - £25

Wigan Road, Watercolour Painting - £25

Another Windy Day, Watercolour Painting - £25

Market People, Watercolour Painting - £25

Evening Clock, Watercolour Painting - £25

Wigan Road Sunset, Watercolour Painting - £25

Church Street, Watercolour Painting - £25

Market Clock, Watercolour Painting - £25

Moor Street South, Watercolour Painting - £25


Throughout September, Mark Grant invites you to engage with his artistic journey during his availability at the Library every Thursday from 5 pm to 7 pm. This is a unique opportunity to discuss his artwork, ask questions, and gain insights into the world of watercolour creation. Mark is eager to share his mindful art practices and his involvement in urban sketching. Join him to explore the possibilities of urban sketching in Ormskirk or even participate in the lively urban sketching sessions organized by the Liverpool Downtown Sketchers.


Experience the exhibition's vibrant ambience during the following opening hours:


Monday: 9 am – 1 pm

Tuesday: 9 am – 5 pm

Wednesday: 9 am – 1 pm

Thursday: 9 am – 7 pm

Friday: 9 am – 5 pm

Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm

Sunday: Closed


Don't miss this chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of Ormskirk's art scene and connect with Mark Grant's incredible watercolour creations. Explore the magic of urban sketching and embrace the artistic essence of Ormskirk's history market town.



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