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The Urban Sketching Handbook: Color First, Ink Later, a art book review by Artist Mark Grant, Watercolour Mark


"The Urban Sketching Handbook: Color First, Ink Later" by Mike Yoshiaki Daikubara


"The Urban Sketching Handbook: Color First, Ink Later" is an inspiring and practical guide to urban sketching, penned by the talented artist and educator Mike Yoshiaki Daikubara. As an avid fan of urban sketching and a lover of watercolor, I was thrilled to dive into this book and explore its unique approach to capturing the essence of urban landscapes through vibrant colors.




In this handbook, Daikubara introduces a refreshing and unconventional method of urban sketching, encouraging artists to embrace color as the starting point for their sketches rather than following the traditional ink-first approach. He explains that by putting color at the forefront of the sketching process, artists can infuse their urban scenes with a sense of life, energy, and emotion from the very beginning.


Key Features:


1. Clear and Concise Instruction: Daikubara's instructions are easy to follow, making this handbook suitable for both beginners and experienced sketchers. The step-by-step demonstrations are accompanied by insightful tips that offer valuable guidance on technique and composition.


2. Emphasis on Color Harmony: One of the book's strengths lies in its focus on color harmony. Daikubara illustrates how to create a unified and vibrant color palette that elevates the visual impact of urban sketches, resulting in dynamic and captivating artworks.


3. Approachable Approach to Perspective: The book simplifies complex concepts like perspective, making it accessible for artists who may find this aspect challenging. The demonstrations showcase how to incorporate perspective effortlessly into urban scenes.


4. Inspiring Urban Scenes: Throughout the book, Daikubara presents a diverse range of urban sketches, offering inspiration from various cityscapes and architectural styles. This array of subjects motivates readers to explore their own surroundings and discover beauty in the ordinary.


5. Encouragement for Creative Exploration: "Color First, Ink Later" empowers artists to embrace experimentation and spontaneity. The book instills a sense of freedom, urging artists to let go of perfectionism and enjoy the process of urban sketching.


Personal Reflection:


As I delved into "The Urban Sketching Handbook: Color First, Ink Later," I found myself captivated by Daikubara's passion for watercolor and urban sketching. His enthusiasm shines through every page, making it a delight to follow his approach and embark on a journey of creative exploration.




"The Urban Sketching Handbook: Color First, Ink Later" by Mike Yoshiaki Daikubara is a must-have addition to any urban sketcher's bookshelf. Through this innovative and invigorating approach to urban sketching, Daikubara empowers artists to embrace the beauty of color and capture the dynamic essence of bustling cityscapes. Whether you are new to urban sketching or a seasoned artist seeking fresh perspectives, this book offers a valuable resource that inspires creativity and encourages a new way of seeing and sketching the world around us.


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